26-28 Jun 2019 Bordeaux (France)

The 14th Scheduling for Large Scale Systems Workshop

The 14th Scheduling for Large Scale Systems Workshop will be held at Université of Bordeaux, Victoire Campus in Bordeaux, France, June 26-June 28. This will be the fourteenth edition of this workshop series after Aussois (2004), San Diego (2005), Aussois (2008), Knoxville (2009), Aussois (2010 and 2011), Pittsburgh (2012), Dagstuhl (2013), Lyon (2014), Dagsthul (2015), Nashville (2016), Knoxville (2017), and Berkeley (2018).

As in the past, the workshop will be structured as a set of thematic half-day sessions, mainly focused on scheduling and algorithms for large-scale systems. In addition to the talks (about 20 minutes each), plenty of time will be left for informal discussion and exchanges.

The workshop is by invitation only and there will be no registration fee.



Organizing Committee

Olivier Beaumont, Lionel Eyraud-Dubois, Mathieu Faverge, Abdou Guermouche, and Yves Robert

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